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Brow Lamination & Tinting

Brow Lamination is a new treatment that makes your brows appear thick and fluffy, it is essentially a perm for your brows giving them a set uniform shape. We use a 3 part process to straighten the brow hairs, set and tint them. Included in our brow lamination treatment is a wax and shape. This can take account 45minutes to perform and lasts approx 4-6 weeks.

Brow Lamination £32


Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting are quick and easy treatments that lasts approx 3 weeks, in some cases the tint on your eyelashes can last longer.

By having a tint, your eyebrows will appear darker and more defined. By having your eyelashes tinted they will appear longer and darker. These treatments require no maintenance and will fade over time.

Tinting is ideal for everyday or perfect for holidays, no more panda eyes!

Eyebrow Tinting £8

Eyelash Tinting £8