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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions are soft, weightless semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions which are applied to the clients own individual lashes to create a natural or fuller look and they can be tailored to each client’s requirements. We ask that you arrive to your appointment with ZERO eye make-up or mascara on as this will affect the eyelash extensions and if we have to spend time removing make up that means we then have less time creating your eyelash extensions.

Eyeluvlashes is a well-known company supplying us with our premium silk eyelash extensions. They can last between 2-3 months with regular care and maintenance, We recommend you have infills every 2-3weeks to main your eyelash extensions.

So happy with my eyelash extensions. Exactly what I was after and was so relaxed. Abbey is so friendly and chatty I really enjoyed having my lashes done and am so in love with them, highly recommended her and will use her in the future thanks abbey xx”
Kimberley Francis

The treatment can take up to 1.5hours for a full set depending on how many lashes you require and 30-45minutes for a set of infills.  Please bare in mind these times are approx and all of our lash techs work to a slightly different time. The semi-permanent eyelashes will gradually fall out with your natural eyelashes as part of their growth cycle. The extensions are glued onto your natural lashes one by one, your natural lashes fall out during a ‘lash cycle’ and as your natural lashes fall out, the eyelash extensions fall out with them. Everyone’s eyelash cycle is different and some peoples lashes naturally grow quicker, meaning you will need to come back sooner for your infills. Please note* we get extremely busy and to avoid disappointment book your appointments in advance.
Do not pull the lashes out or try to remove them yourself, always get the lashes removed by a professional.

A patch test MUST be carried out at least 24hours prior to the treatment and this will take approximately 5minutes.


  • Classic Lashes Full Set £40
  • Classic Lashes Infills £22
  • Hybrid Lashes Full Set £50
  • Hybrid Lashes Full Set £28


There are many benefits to having eyelash extensions and these are just a few of them:

  • Lashes have more volume, they are longer, darker, look more defined, fuller and thicker
  • They are virtually weightless – extremely light
  • Semi-Permanent
  • Easy to maintain – no mascara needed
  • Brilliant for everyday wear or for special occasions/holidays, chlorine does not affect the lashes but extreme heat can

Aftercare Advice

  • To ensure they last longer regular infills is required
  • Brush the lashes every other day (by the brush provided by myself)
  • For the first 24 hours after having the eyelash extensions applied, do not allow water to touch the lashes or get them wet in anyway
  • Be gentle and take good care
  • Avoid rubbing or picking
  • Do not use a waterproof mascara, if you want to wear mascara then I recommend to use a water based mascara
  • Don’t perm or try to curl the lashes as it will bend the extensions causing them to break and damage your natural lashes